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Passionate about beauty and make up, Mariangela decided at an early age to pursue her interest in this field. Honing her experience through various workshops led by internationally renowned make-up artists and tutors, she found Stefano Anselmo and his acclaimed Method to be the most inspirational in her professional studies. By the year 2000, exciting changes started to happen in Mariangela’s professional life .She moved to Los Angeles to attend the Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center in Los Angeles (USA). Here she worked for different independent film productions as well as for photographic sets and then at the Robinson’s SPA of Beverly Hills as a visage expert in design, specializing in the redefinition of the eyebrow arch.

In October 2001 she returned to Italy and decided to move to Milan where she became the collaborator of Beppe Tripoli for the look of many artists and presenters in well-known Italian programs, including Striscia la Notizia, Quelli che il calcio, Passaparola, Paperissima, La grande Notte, MTV Music Award, Maurizio Costanzo Show and more. Throughout her travels and professional life she has cultivated some great contacts and relationships with Italian actors: Dario Ballantini, Sergio Friscia, Max Giusti, Max Tortora, Tullio Solenghi, Gene Gnocchi, Maurizio Crozza, Gabriella Germani, Alessandro Di Carlo and Ezio Greggio, with whom she is still working for. One constant throughout her working career, has been a commitment to train and improve herself through continual study at the Accademy of Stefano Anselmo with whom she now collaborates. Mariangela is a teacher in both private and public institutions and has become a specialist in the field of contemporary beauty and makeup training.

She is consolidating her talent in the area of redefinition and visage transformation, as used for the Italian program Striscia la notizia. Her influence is also growing in terms of the number of collaborations she has with actors from other highly popular programmers such as Le Iene. Currently she has been highly active as a beauty consultant, with a number of key cosmetic brands keen to collaborate with her. She also has a growing fashion centered client base, and is creating some of the high profile beauty looks behind the catwalk shows for Milan and Rome fashion week. Mariangela’s professionalism, style and innovation makes her a popular choice for commercial beauty collaborations with photographers and advertising agencies. The energy she puts into her job comes from a belief and love in what she is doing. Mariangela has always felt that make up is the perfect vehicle for creative expression.