Luigi Parisi


Luigi Parisi

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Luigi Parisi realizes he was a boy several documentaries (including: S.Gimignano la città delle torri, il buco dell’Ozono, Raffaello Sanzio, etc..) and many audiovisual royal event show, music, fashion, theater, sports, commercial television and live concerts (among which: : RSD Festival Radio per TMC, Gran Galà della Moda, tv spot Gruppo Clark, Teatro dell’Opera Raffaele Paganini in “Il Re dei Fauni”, The Ben Johnson Story, Fire in the Sky. Signing as author and producer numerous short films manufacturer, among which: La Consegna (award winner VideoLugosi, winner of IMA Italian Magic Artist for the best special effects), Mamme co-direction with Lidia Montanari (Cecchi Gori Award) First Prize of the Critic chaired by Carlo Verdone, Ernesto G. Laura), Phobic browse the exhibition of Fantastic Cinema and Fiction.

Of these, in addition to treating the screenplay, directing, editing and photography he is interested in visual effects (digital or not) applied to their own short films. Finally lends his voice to the series of Armando Curcio Editore for movies and short films of the series "Laurel and Hardy" (voicing the role of Laurel).