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Luca Duarte Sguazzini

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Born in Lisbon from Italian parents and travelers, who grew up in Madrid and Brazil until the age of 13 years - he speaks 4 languages and in life has done a bit 'of everything'. From cowboy organizer of events, from worker to farmer. It was a motorcycle rider, he has tried and practice extreme sports, has broken a good amount of bones. At 24 he left for Australia with little money and a sense of adventure. He ended up living and surviving in extreme conditions and in deep contact with nature. Its appearance says a lot of his way of being, but also in its history. His blue eyes are the mirror of a sensitive spirit and determined. A beard and long hair are not a fashionable choice, but the legacy of that life "into the wild". She is proud of its wrinkles of expression and its scars, which are witnesses of a journey lived with intensity. On his return to Italy, hipster style unknowingly opens a whole new world. Just for fun makes her first photo shoot to show up as a model.

Given the interest aroused by her looks, she decides to use his image in order to tell his story. Contacted by numerous photographers, it creates the photographic material that begins to post on his social channels, accompanied by famous motivational phrases and not related to the world of nature, travel, sport. The rapid growth of views and interactions that have enabled us to achieve in January 2016 more than 120K followers on instagram and more than 50,000 on facebook, has meant that receives many direct contacts for advertising campaigns, TV commercials and fashion shoots. All this allows him to travel and share the adventures and emotions with those who follow him on social and does not always have the opportunity to travel.