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Fabio Giagnoni

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Fabio Giagnoni was born on 21/06/1985 in Milano. Formed at the IED in Milan and then addresses the training through experiences on film sets and commercials. Formed in the forge "KARENFILM" he starts working as a freelancer in 2010, starting with web and viral shorts. In 2010 with the CHIP & CHAIR short film enters the final selection for the competition INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL NEW ZEALAND / SARDINIA FILM FESTIVAL / MESTRE FILM FESTIVAL. In 2012 collaborates with MOSCHINO for the campaign CHIP & CHIC there recorded videos on all Pre Collection.

In 2012 he won the competition VIDEO CLIP GOLDEN with "NEW VOICE" of the singer Jr.SPREA, turns the video clip of EPIC Cyberpunkers and always in 2012 the group collaborated for the campaign OVS- MAKE LOVE WITHNel 2013 wins the first prize in the XIV open film festival - "the SHORT oN COUCH" with the documentary DUTY GORN. The same documentary itself will win Identity Film Festival in 2013 and will be classified 3rd in the contest Video Festival Imperia (2014) In 2014 realizes the TV Advertising TV Phone Woman and collaborates with Audi in the countryside Perfect Condition.