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Elena Monti

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Elena was born in Milan, in its particular fashion- conscious atmosphere. She grew up playing with clothing – dressing her sisters up with their grandmother’s vintage wardrobe.

She studied art and graphic design at an artistic high school and earned her diploma in Fashion Styling from the Marangoni InstituteIn 2011, she began to collaborate with a person who turned out to be her most important teacher and styling guru: Susanna Ausoni, the world-class stylist she has been with for almost four years, between television, celebrities and music to perfect her professional mindset, skills and taste.

When she finished her job as assistant, Elena started her freelance career working in different fashion themed programmes on Real Time as a stylist. She also does editorial shootings for national and international publications when she can. As a dynamic and reflective woman, Elena has two different angles for her art: a light and curious approach on one side – to discover the world’s colours through journeys to far away places; and a more contemplative, introverted attitude to explore her surroundings through indie music and noir novels. This duality is also reflected in her work: her creations are either very strong in their vivid colours, or dark and almost melancholy with their Gothic look. Everything, naturally, is done with impeccably elegant and sophisticated style.